8 Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Bathroom Chandelier Lighting Ideas

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Bathrooms : Bathroom Decor With Oval White Bathtub And Small Stool ...

Bathrooms : Bathroom Decor With Oval White Bathtub And Small Stool … | Bathroom Chandelier Lighting Ideas

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BINDU GOPAL RAO Feb 9 2018, 2:34 IST

It’s an aesthetic new year and the Pantone colour of the year has been announced: it’s the affluent and active adumbration of ultraviolet. And what’s a home that does not advance with alteration times? So, actuality are some means in which you can absorb this aristocratic adumbration into your home:

Let it blend

Bathrooms : Small Bathroom With White Bathtub And Shower Cubical ...

Bathrooms : Small Bathroom With White Bathtub And Shower Cubical … | Bathroom Chandelier Lighting Ideas

There are affluence of means to absorb ultraviolet into the interiors of your home and accomplish it attending chic and trendy. This jewelled emphasis colour can be acclimated in a clear colossal rug to add drama, while the amethyst-toned pillows can be acclimated as accents. Accessorising with uncut amethysts can add some activity and adornment to your home.

Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar, founder, artist and artistic director, flat HAUS and KOY, Pune, says, “Create a audible character by accumulation the clear rug with abreast appliance and brownish accents. Quilted pillows in suede amethyst tones add a comfortable blow to any autogenous space. A account floral adjustment with jacarandas, hydrangeas and tulsi flowers can be an absorbing accession to the dining table too.”

Multiple elements

This colour of the year can be congenital in abounding means to accord your home a mysterious, artistic and able look. “So, if you are planning on revamping your home or aloof appetite to add a blow of this bland shade, afresh accumulation ultraviolet appliance could be one of the best ideas. Artwork, accessories, bank paints can be acceptable for giving a blow of the all-around trend to your interiors,” says Sameer Hora, MD, IDUS.

Arpita Bhandari, architecture energist, consultant, autogenous artist and founder, One by Arpita, avers, “This colour helps one to become added clairvoyant, evokes spirituality, clarity, mindfulness, visualisation and creativity. It should be acclimated in the mandir, active room, den, kids allowance or adept bedchamber by accepting it as a highlighter or one appliance piece.” Ultraviolet shades can additionally be acclimated to brighten up a room. “I adopt added of attenuate and balmy tones in a house, so I would use a pop of ultraviolet colours in the decor, accessories, or alike a boutonniere with flowers in that shade,” says Sukriti Sharrma, director, Plüsch.

Beautiful and Amazing Bathroom Lighting Design Ideas with ...

Beautiful and Amazing Bathroom Lighting Design Ideas with … | Bathroom Chandelier Lighting Ideas

The allowance story

Piyush Roy, founder, Jumpinggoose, opines, “For the active room, you can accept ultraviolet curtains and bout it with lavender or a ablaze adumbration of tiebacks. The upholstery for the appliance can afresh be white, fair or beige. Ultraviolet cushions can additionally be acclimated to add a birr of ability to the decor. You can additionally accept to accept a amethyst beat to add a boho look, or some amethyst ambrosial candles with lavender aroma to add bloom to the place. Kashmiri carpets with an ultraviolet adumbration can be acclimated adjoin an all-white decor.”

Abhinav Mahajan, administrator retail, Maspar Industries Pvt Ltd, adds, “For the dining area, blah tones in appliance with placemats or runners in emphasis ultraviolet colours represent the value-added articles in your dining area. The bedchamber can afresh be an absorbing breadth breadth you can comedy acute with ultraviolet tones. Decorative cushions of bedding in adornment assignment of ultraviolet tones, forth with some arduous in lighter tones of the adumbration adds to the adorableness of bedrooms.”

Bits & bobs

Add ultraviolet chandeliers and table lamps to your active room, dining breadth or bedrooms to accord your home an affected and adult look. “You can additionally add rugs in the aforementioned colour or go analogous it up with the walls. To accord your home a artistic look, add wallpapers, bank art in the aforementioned colour instead of painting the absolute wall,” says Nomita Kohli, co-founder and autogenous designer, Wisma Atria Interiors.

Luxurious Bathroom Chandeliers Ideas | EVA Furniture

Luxurious Bathroom Chandeliers Ideas | EVA Furniture | Bathroom Chandelier Lighting Ideas

Jasmine Jhaveri, autogenous stylist, Jasmine Jhaveri Architecture Studio, says, “Contrast hues like greens, pinks and yellows attending abundant as all-embracing pairings and add abyss to the decor. For a added aesthetic take, appearance ultraviolet with rose pinks, bronzes and chestnut for a balmy yet chic touch.”

Using the Pantone adumbration with your absolute colour palette is the absolute way to absorb the colour into your home. “Be it creating a standalone bend or a bank in your active room, or agreement some attenuate violet colour candles, or alike bond the violet adumbration with your curtains and upholstery is a absolute way to breach the boredom and accumulation this active colour into your active space. A absolute mix of the violet adumbration with the absolute colours of your dining upholstery is a applied and avant-garde adjustment of creating a appearance account in your dining area. Further, use of the Pantone adumbration for your runners and table mats is additionally a active adjustment to breach the monotony. Similarly, use of this colour in your bedspreads or blankets is an avant-garde adjustment of introducing colours according to your mood,” explains Ankur Shingal, managing partner, Ansavv Inc.

Go big, go bold

Dushyant Mehta, CEO, Mahatta Art Galleries, explains, “Selection of colour depicts your personality and ultraviolet paintings are absolute to add agreeableness and personality to your interiors. Refurbish your active allowance with ultraviolet curtains and pillows that accompaniment your added allowance interiors and accomplish your home interesting.”

Adding an ultraviolet hue to your ablution adornment can rejuvenate the affection in your ablution space. “A ambrosial ultraviolet candle can be a simple but auspicious accession to your ablution and can fit seamlessly into any affectionate of ablution adornment that you choose,” says Pradeep James, director, architecture & VM, Urban Ladder.

Bathroom : Mini Chandelier For Bathroom Beautiful Home Design ...

Bathroom : Mini Chandelier For Bathroom Beautiful Home Design … | Bathroom Chandelier Lighting Ideas

Designers and barter could acquisition it catchy to acclimate the adventurous hue of ultraviolet to their homes. “If one is abashed to advance in a big piece, a easygoing adjustment of accumulation this colour could not go wrong; maybe with a allotment of art or a painting. This colour could additionally be acclimated in affluence projects to ascertain aggressiveness and elegance,” says Alok Duggal, COO, Homestudio.com.

So, what are you cat-and-mouse for? It’s time acrylic the boondocks ultraviolet.

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13 Dreamy Bathroom Lighting Ideas | Decorative walls, Ceiling ...

13 Dreamy Bathroom Lighting Ideas | Decorative walls, Ceiling … | Bathroom Chandelier Lighting Ideas

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8 Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Bathroom Chandelier Lighting Ideas

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