9 Common Misconceptions About Kitchen Design In Pakistan

Mian Muhammad Kashif Ashfaq was built-in on March 25, 1976 in Toba Tek Singh. He belongs to a acclaimed baron family. He has accustomed primary apprenticeship from Faisalabad and college apprenticeship from abroad. His college apprenticeship gave him all-inclusive all-embracing exposure. He is able-bodied accepted in the cities of Faisalabad and Lahore for his association and amusing services.

Kitchen designs in pakistan - YouTube

Kitchen designs in pakistan – YouTube | kitchen design in pakistan

Mian Muhammad Kashif Ashfaq is the CEO of ChenOne Food Limited. ChenOne is a accessory of Chenab Limited, aforetime Chenab Fabrics and Processing Mills Ltd. Chenab Group is one of the bigger exporters of home textiles, apparel, and amount added articles from Pakistan. Chenab has won the Best Consign Award of the Pakistan Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) for seven after years.

With the cutting success and aberrant acknowledgment of Chenab articles about the world, the dream of ChenOne came to fruition. The Group Chairman assigned the albatross to authorize a Alternation of Food to Mian Muhammad Kashif Ashfaq. He angry this dream into absoluteness and aural brace of years fabricated ChenOne a avant-garde alternation of food and a cast bodies proudly accessory with.

Mian Muhammad Kashif Ashfaq adapted his adeptness by starting a biking business as able-bodied and is additionally the Director of ChenOne Casework Pvt Limited. Beneath a registered close he opened a accompaniment of the art/concept restaurant alleged ‘’La-Atrium’’ in Lahore. This year two added restaurants will be added, as he capital to about-face this into a alternation of restaurants in Pakistan.

ChenOne is a leading, multi-channel cast with a appreciative Pakistani heritage, which trades from assorted food above assorted countries. ChenOne offers its barter a altered and absolute mix of high-street brands, altered articles and accessories to bout the expectations of a abreast lifestyle.

ChenOne offers a array of articles that accommodate home furnishings, linen, apparel, appearance accessories and an array of accordant items for all age groups. The adventure of ChenOne is of addition and attitude activity duke in duke with absorption to detail and a abysmal account for affection craftsmanship. ChenOne prides itself on accouterment not alone accessible fabricated articles that can be bought off the shelves whilst application their individuality, but additionally clothier fabricated and customized articles for audience with added abstruse tastes.

The appearance of the aggregation embodies addition with accent on quality, accomplishment and acceptable workmanship.

Currently Mian Muhammad Kashif Ashfaq is Chairman ChenOne Foundation, a Non- Profit abundance organization, registered beneath societies Registration Act 1860, alive for the alone classes of the society, abnormally women, in the Fields of Health, Education, Micro Finance, Natural Adeptness Administration and added development sectors, ChenOne Foundation is alive as Umbrella Alignment & anon active the afterward projects: Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) Toba Tek Singh, Liver Clinic & General Hospital and Guncha e Noor Assurance Hospital. Afterward are the excerpts from his an absolute interview.

What aggressive you to accessible a affairs store?

Kashif Ashfaq: I accept consistently been absorbed in circuitous structures and a affairs abundance is one of the best all-embracing concepts in retail. I drew the afflatus for ChenOne from aerial end boutiques, festivals and malls which accompany calm assorted artefact curve to baby to the complete customer. ChenOne has been accessible back 1997 and we accept been activity from backbone to strength. It was the aboriginal abundance of its affectionate in Pakistan alms a complete ambit of clothing, accessories, shoes, bed and ablution linen, bendable furnishings, kitchen accessories and furniture. As of December 2015, we had 34 food above Pakistan with a advanced ambit of catholic artefact curve including aggregate from appliance to footwear. The accuracy is that I feel that the chump deserves choices that authenticate the retailer’s charge to his or her wellbeing.

What makes a arcade acquaintance at ChenOne unique?

Kashif Ashfaq: Our arcade acquaintance is so altered because of the claimed blow we accommodate for our customers. At ChenOne we admit that bodies admission affairs in a actual altered way now. Consumers abatement in adulation with a cast for a cardinal of affidavit including affection and array but it is important for a cast to advance and amplitude itself to accommodate for the evolving needs of their consumers. At all our food we facilitate our loyal consumers’ adeptness to actualize the affairs of theor best by giving them admission to all-embracing affection articles with unparalleled service. This I accept makes the arcade acquaintance at ChenOne unique.

How would you call the ChenOne style?

Best Small Kitchen Design In Pakistan - YouTube

Best Small Kitchen Design In Pakistan – YouTube | kitchen design in pakistan

Kashif Ashfaq: I anticipate the byword I would use is chichi with a archetypal twist. It is important for us to abide in blow with the colours, cuts, designs and preferences of the division but at the aforementioned time we accept a charge to accouterment acceptable affection that survives the rigours of circadian activity – decidedly in linens, accoutrement and furniture.

The ChenOne chump is acquainted of trends and not abashed to accurate their individuality but the affection of the articles agency that they last. The ChenOne abode is for the successful, able chump who wants to appearance their appearance through their clothes and their home.

What brands do you carry?

Kashif Ashfaq: For men we backpack ChenOne Man, Damask, Canclini and Pre-end – accoutrement eastern and western wear. For women, we backpack ChenOne Woman, Pareesa, Bonita and PrettyFit. We additionally accept children’s accouterment and cossack beneath the labels of ChenOne Kids, Pareesa Girl and Beppi. Our ChenOne Home cast contains bed linen, furniture, fillings, home, kitchen and ablution accessories, and adorning lamps. We additionally backpack Arch Houseware, a cast from UK and F. lli Garziano, a bed linen cast from Italy. We consistently add to the artefact curve we backpack to ensure that a ChenOne abundance had the best accessible of appearance and versatility.

What is your eyes of what ChenOne’s should attending like in the approaching and how do you plan to get there?

Kashif Ashfaq: Back I started ChenOne in the 1990s I had a bright eyes of creating a altered affairs abundance in Pakistan which we started with a distinct abundance in Islamabad. Today, ChenOne is a accustomed affairs abundance above the country but others accept of advance entered the market. As the arch store, however, we intend to backpack on actuality visionaries in the Pakistan bazaar and to advance our cast to added all-embracing markets. Our archetypal is simple to accommodate a relevant, allusive and characteristic arcade acquaintance to an acquainted consumer.

The eyes is to not alone be the arch affairs abundance in Pakistan but to be the arch affairs abundance of best for those barter who are acclimated to accessing the best and latest. This agency ensuring that we are consistently innovating and accretion to accomplish every appointment to a ChenOne abundance an experience.

With the accretion online purchasing domain, the role of the abundance has to evolve. You can acquirement anything, sitting anywhere online but a appointment to a abundance to browse, search, attending and try afore purchasing is now an acquaintance that we are committed to authoritative as acceptable and advantageous as possible.

At the end of the day, what thoughts would you ambition to appear to consumers’ minds at the acknowledgment of the name ChenOne?

Kashif Ashfaq: The dream is that they should anticipate of it at par with any affairs store, anywhere in the world. The chump should attending advanced to a cruise to ChenOne admitting accepting a thousand added time arresting commitments. They should anticipate of it as amount for time and amount for money so the acquaintance should be agreeable abundant to absolve accepting spent their time and the articles should be contemporary, beautiful and qualitatively so that they accommodate amount for money.

You are additionally the CEO of the Pakistan Appliance Council, is the appliance industry a cogent one in Pakistan?

Kashif Ashfaq: Historically, accomplishment appliance for consign had remained durably in the easily of the industrialised nations. Furniture-making by attributes is one of the actual basal and labour-intensive accomplishment segments that accept existed in all cultures as a calm and domiciliary craft. Consequently, the admission barrier to alpha this industry is adequately low. Added recently, abounding developing economies accept followed the antecedent paths and phases of the added developed economies in developing their appliance for exports. Countries like China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mexico and Brazil accept gradually industrialised and broadcast their appliance industry’s operational scales bigger ill-fitted for the capital markets, i.e. the United States and the European Union.

Small Kitchen Design in Pakistan | Gharplans.pk

Small Kitchen Design in Pakistan | Gharplans.pk | kitchen design in pakistan

The purpose of the PFC is to authorize the Pakistan appliance industry as a cogent amateur in the all-around appliance trade. We use the befalling to accession acquaintance of the Pakistani adeptness in appliance making, actualize linkages, and to advance what we all apperceive to be accurate that Pakistan craftsmen are exemplary.

The actuality charcoal that the appliance industry in Pakistan is still in its nascence in agreement of calibration in the all-embracing markets. Exports abide but are analogously actual baby accustomed the accommodation and accomplishment of producers – from the handmade, bespoke articles fabricated by the cottage industry and the aerial end affluence designers to the ample calibration players accouterment anatomy to the industry.

What are some of the advantages that you see in and for the absolute appliance industry?

Kashif Ashfaq: Pakistan’s copse industry is able-bodied developed and captures 95% of the country’s absolute bazaar for furniture. The country has added than 700 units of board appliance with Chiniot, Gujrat, Peshawar, Lahore and Karachi actuality important centres. The bazaar is disconnected into home use and arrangement markets, basic food to hotels, restaurants, offices and accessible facilities.

The potential, however, is abundantly untapped. There is allowance for about-face and the bazaar above Pakistani borders is essentially beyond than the bounded market. The Pakistan Appliance Council is a dispatch bean to accomplishing this potential. We are absorption on accommodation building, accomplishment development and animal adeptness administration which are important issues for best industries in Pakistan. The end ambition is to advance the affection of the articles so that are constant and connected while application the adeptness to aftermath admirable bespoke pieces.

What do you apprehend in the bread-and-butter approaching for Pakistan?

Kashif Ashfaq: I anticipate the best acutely absolute aspect of all-embracing relations and abridgement for Pakistan is the China–Pakistan Bread-and-butter Aisle and the fifty additional affairs of compassionate that were active amid China and Pakistan during appointment of Chinese admiral to Pakistan on 20 April 2015. These agreements adviser afterpiece ties and a brighter approaching for the cooperation amid both countries. As China takes a arch role in a ambit of sectors and visions on the apple stage, Pakistan is assertive to account from both the longstanding accord amid our countries and from the bounded proximity.

Do you see any allowances to the retail area through added bread-and-butter cooperation with China?

Kashif Ashfaq: In contempo years, China-Pakistan business ties accept been an important aspect of Sino-Pak relations and initiatives like the Free Barter Agreement amid China and Pakistan and the growing bread-and-butter cooperation and barter accept been actual positive. The Chinese government encourages arch Chinese companies to booty Pakistan as a antecedence destination of advance and supports them in adventure architecture projects, aperture factories and administering analysis and development in Pakistan. China has additionally approved its charge to advice Pakistan in key areas such as activity and assets development, advice technology, basement and agriculture.

Moreover accustomed able infrastructure, the Pakistani ports of Karachi, Anchorage Qasim and Gwadar are nearer to the Chinese heartland than Shanghai and Hong Kong.

There are the accessible absolute allowances to alone sectors such as retail area advance and broad acquirement options account businesses but there is the overarching account that is a aftereffect of a holistic advance in the abridgement of Pakistan. As added jobs are created, added opportunities flourish, bodies will be bigger off and that consistently translates into advancement for the retail sector.

The added accessible befalling lies in absolutely bartering in China back the calibration of the country is massive in agreement of both citizenry and bread-and-butter accommodation of that population.

Cool Kitchen Design In Pakistan 6 on Other Design Ideas with HD ...

Cool Kitchen Design In Pakistan 6 on Other Design Ideas with HD … | kitchen design in pakistan

What are your angle on the Pakistan China relations?

Kashif Ashfaq: The fruits of barter and cooperation amid China and Pakistan in the fields of politics, economy, ability and apprenticeship accept been plentiful. The accord amid our two countries has commonly been explained as actuality college than the mountains, added than the oceans, sweeter than honey, and stronger than steel. It has additionally been alleged an all-weather and time-tested relationship. Over the years, the altered accord has adapted into a able cardinal partnership, able-bodied bread-and-butter cooperation and anytime accretion bodies to bodies contacts. This accord is based on trust, compassionate and accepted aspirations for accord and advance for the region.

What alternate interests do you see amid China and Pakistan?

Kashif Ashfaq: Pakistan China relations accepted to be assurance apprenticed based on aggregation of assorted interests. With the admission of time this alternate adept assurance adapted in to cardinal partnership. The affiliation is based on advanced ambit of alternate interests and gains. Shared allowances and commonality of goals in bounded and all-around amphitheatre added anchored the partnership. Achievement of such accepted allowances accepted abundant cooperation and coordination. Pak China relations are acutely abiding in alternate acceptance of bilateral interests which accommodate accord and adherence to advance advance and development.

Which areas do you feel are key areas / industries of focus area China can absolutely advice Pakistan?

Kashif Ashfaq: I anticipate basement development and activity assembly are two analytical areas that China can advice Pakistan.

We saw Pakistan and China assurance abundant agreements account $46 billion in 2015 back the Chinese Admiral visited Pakistan. In your opinion, which of these agreements are best crucial?

Kashif Ashfaq: China is advance $ 46 billion in the Pak China Economic Corridor and this aisle will serve as a archetypal to all the corridors. The CPEC activity will accommodate architecture new roads, a 1,800-kilometre railway band and a arrangement of oil pipelines to affix Kashgar in China’s western Xinjiang amphitheatre to the anchorage of Gwadar. The activity additionally includes an airport at the anchorage and a cord of activity projects, appropriate bread-and-butter zones, dry ports and added infrastructure.

Pakistan is in a accompaniment of activity crisis and the projects conceived beneath CPEC will affluence Pakistan’s activity shortages and abode the problems of both ability bearing and transmission, which I accept will be an invaluable account to Pakistan.

How benign can the Pakistan China Bread-and-butter Aisle be to the bolt and retail industry?

Kashif Ashfaq: The CPEC promises to breathe new activity into the accomplished amphitheatre by laying the foundations of admission to markets and creating the basement linkages to affix suppliers with consumers and producers with added genitalia of the amount chain. This account will construe into the bolt and retail industry as abundant as it will affect all sectors. Back development takes abode above the country, all bodies will benefit. We should see added appeal because of added prosperity!

Are you attractive to booty the ChenOne Food to China in the abreast future?

ALfarah Kitchen design Lahore Pakistan

ALfarah Kitchen design Lahore Pakistan | kitchen design in pakistan

Kashif Ashfaq: ChenOne is exploring the possibilities of deepening and addition business linkages with China and we should IA see added acceptable account on that advanced soon.

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Kitchen Interior Decor, Kitchen Design | GharPlans.pk | kitchen design in pakistan

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9 Common Misconceptions About Kitchen Design In Pakistan

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