Earth Bermed Home Designs

Beautiful and Environmentally Friendly Earth Bermed Home Designs

Earth berm or earth sheltering is a very eco-friendly house. It is built almost underground with the earth covering at least one sides of the wall, making the house warmer since the earth will prevent heat loss and ensure steady temperature inside the house. It is amazing, environmentally friendly but you will need some good earth bermed home designs ideas since this is not the type of house that comes with the best style. If you want your earth-sheltering house to function well and also looks good, here are some tips to help you.

Arc Style

Just like what the name suggests, the shape of the house will resemble an arc. If you are not a fan of open plan design, you might not like this style, but it is necessary since simplicity is one of the most important aspects about earth-sheltering house. It is best to give the house plenty of windows to ensure good air circulation. This is a simple and sustainable design that stays true to the spirit of an environmentally friendly house.
Earth Bermed Home Designs

Go with Traditional Style

Even though it will not be a sin to go modern or contemporary, traditional style that spreads lots of rustic vibe is the best when it comes to earth bermed home designs. Earth bermed home will bring you closer to the nature. This is why the warmth of traditional style will do wonder here. Use a lot of wooden furniture and make arches entrances to strengthen the old vibe.

You don’t have to invest in high class and expensive furniture because even distressed wooden furniture will be amazing in this house. As a matter of fact, distressed furniture will bring warm and nostalgic style that will match the overall atmosphere of the house. It will be best if you step up your gardening game and complete the exterior look with various plants and flowers.

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