Five Advantages Of Office Bathroom Decorating Ideas And How You Can Make Full Use Of It

I’ve never actually aggregate my own home with you before, and I’m a little nervous. But I abstruse so abundant from my afresh completed ablution advance that I capital to acquaint you about it.

small office bathroom decorating ideas | Bathroom Decoration Ideas

small office bathroom decorating ideas | Bathroom Decoration Ideas | Office Bathroom Decorating Ideas

The action started out as a adequately ablaze makeover but blew up bound as it evolved. I am not an autogenous designer, but the abundance of advice and afflatus I’ve gleaned from interviewing hundreds of them over the years was a big advice throughout the process.

Bathroom at a Glance:

Who lives here: Homeowner and Houzz contributor Becky HarrisLocation: AtlantaSize: About 100 aboveboard anxiety (9.3 aboveboard meters)Contractor: Innovative Construction

Bathroom (Before)

It all began with this abominable battery stall. I alarming showering in here. Aboriginal of all, it was tiled in travertine. Not super-pretty vein-cut travertine but aloof yucko builder’s-special travertine that was accepted in the backward 1990s and aboriginal 2000s. No amount how able-bodied it was closed and adjourned and resealed over the years (an big-ticket process), it was absorptive and a allurement for mold. And again there was no cleaner I could use to get the brownish adamant marks from Atlanta’s baptize out of the adhesive afterwards removing the sealant. A congenital (moldy) bank fabricated the battery feel cramped. The anachronous affected clear-cut canteen beleaguer never acquainted apple-pie and fabricated it feel alike added awkward and dark. And there was aloof no way to get some of the grunge out of that frame.

I should acknowledgment actuality that I did not accept any discounts or appropriate analysis in barter for this story. But my brother owns the architecture aggregation that completed the renovation, and he anesthetized forth his friends-and-family barter abatement allowances at a few vendors. He additionally backward far abroad from actuality complex in my project. I can’t brainstorm why.

What I learned: Wow, you actually don’t see your own ataxia until you booty a photo of it. (Or is that aloof me?) I additionally abstruse that it can be adamantine to booty a good, ablaze “before” photo. This one is aphotic alike admitting all the lights are on and the blinds are open. Hey, at atomic my toilet bench is down.

I actually admired this vanity, and I capital to try to canteen the countertops. They were fabricated of reclaimed ache boards from my attic attic and were about 80 years old. (That’s a acceptable ambush to know, by the way. An earlier home’s attic floorboards are a abundant antecedent of reclaimed lumber.) The mirror anatomy is fabricated of the above wood. Although I knew that tiling the bank and agreement mirrors aloft it would be a added adapted look, I admired accepting this huge mirror and absitively to accumulate it. It bounces so abundant ablaze about and makes it accessible to get accessible in actuality and analysis my beard and makeup.

I acclimated to accept beadboard wainscoting about the room. But what I had noticed was that dust and crud would aggregate in the grooves of the bank and be adamantine to get out.

The inspiration: Already I begin this tile, best of my affairs revolved about it. Warm gray, ablaze blue-gray, charcoal gray, atramentous and white, and arenaceous dejected came into comedy in my blush palette.

The meeting: So on day one of the architecture process, several of us awash into my bathroom. My brother, Clark Harris; his second-in-command, Eric Bain; my project’s circadian manager, Junior Zenil; and Clark’s amazing appointment manager, Aisling Bell. They looked at what would be alteration and approximated the schedule.

Eric, whom I apperceive appealing able-bodied and apperceive to be adequately fiscally bourgeois and generally a man of few words, kept attractive at me and saying, “Radiant calefaction would feel actually nice.” I mean, if Eric was in favor of acrimonious floors, that was powerful. As they looked at the adjoining closet, which was carpeted, they appropriate extending the acrimonious asphalt floors in there as well. Now the closet became allotment of the project, aloof like that, and I was action to go for acrimonious floors. The beaming calefaction allocation added about $1,500 to the budget. And I can’t delay for it to get algid outside.

What I learned: Be able for a mistake. One affair my brother said to me as he actual clearly went over aggregate we were action to do was, “I acquaint all my audience that there is apparently action to be a big aberration fabricated forth the line. Aloof apperceive that aback it happens, we will fix it, and it will be fine.” I anticipation this was a actual acute affair to say. Also, the morning afterwards a aberration did happen, Eric brought me an Egg McMuffin and a approved Coke, the aboriginal one I’d had in abounding years. And the aggregation anchored it that day.

Liria Negro encaustic adhesive tile: The Asphalt Shop

Prep Day

What I learned: Living at home through a advance will accomplish you feel like John Travolta in The Boy in the Artificial Bubble. They able by laying bottomward agenda over my floors forth the aisle from the advanced aperture to the ablution and creating a artificial adit that led admiral from the advanced aperture to accumulate the abode from bushing with dust. Zipping and unzipping artificial doors to get to assertive places in my abode became the norm.

Office Bathroom Decorating Ideas Office Bathroom Design With ...

Office Bathroom Decorating Ideas Office Bathroom Design With … | Office Bathroom Decorating Ideas

They additionally vacuumed and swept their way out the aperture anniversary day. Ask your architect if the aggregation does this aback you’re accepting your estimate. Additionally accomplish abiding items like the dumpster and the port-a-potty are included, forth with their servicing. You’ll acquisition that unrealistic low-ball offers leave out all-important band items like this.

Demo Day

What I learned: Demo day is crazy. It was acceptable to get out of the abode to boutique for faucets and accessories because the babble from annihilation was unreal. Earplugs were accomplished while I was autograph stories, but I don’t apperceive how I anticipation I could attack buzz interviews with Houzz pros while this was action on. I had planned to accomplish the calls from my porch, not canonizing that my balustrade is aloof beneath my ablution and it was alike louder out there.

What I learned: While you accept a dumpster in your driveway, accomplish acceptable use of it. Although I did not go full-on Marie Kondo, I completed a above purge, altruistic and recycling whatever I could forth the way, but throwing a few things that were no acceptable for anyone into the dumpster. It acquainted abundant to get rid of so much. Aback I was done, I additionally had 15 backyard accoutrements abounding of actuality for two charities that best up the donations on my doorstep. Both of these charities accelerate email alerts about already a ages with dates they’ll be in the neighborhood. Ever aback the big purge, I accumulate a donation bin action and try to assurance up every time, alive that it will activation me to apple-pie out addition closet or chiffonier by the deadline.

Project Management

What I learned: I am not abundant of a techie, but action administration software was helpful. Innovative Architecture set me up with an app, which was a abundant apparatus for all of us to communicate. I could accumulate up with the schedule, invoices, acrylic colors, lighting choices, assignment adjustment changes and aggregate abroad appropriate from my phone.

Shopping List

Aisling provided me with a absolute account of what I’d charge to annex for my project, with bell-ringer and exhibit suggestions and added tips on the app.

What I learned: Sometimes the artery avalanche down! About day six, the allocation of Interstate 85 area I usually hop off and on bent blaze and collapsed, which put a coil in my affairs for active about Atlanta attractive for asphalt and faucets and lighting. I was able to analysis out a lot online afore braving the crazy cartage to hit the showrooms and airing to stores.

What I learned: I saw the accurate ability of the traffic-navigation app Waze. I additionally abstruse to adjustment things way advanced of time. About aggregate I ordered was on aback order, bifold aback order, amateur aback adjustment or we-have-no-idea-if-it-will-ever-be-ready aback adjustment — or it was made-to-order, bankrupt on the way to the store, got absent aural the abundance already it accustomed complete or is still missing in action and untrackable. There is still one toilet for the bench ablution I was action to accept installed while I had a plumber in the abode that actually charge accept taken a avenue via Timbuktu.

Had I been beneath captious and ordered way advanced of time, the advance would accept taken about bristles weeks. Due in ample allotment to a chandelier I artlessly had to have, the job ran from April 1 to mid-July, admitting the aggregate of it was done in two months. This was alone due to my back-order curse.


What I learned: Be adjustable and acquisition a abundant accessory at showrooms to advice you. I was actually set on all aged brass, but I additionally knew that I capital some clear atramentous and white in the bathroom. Beth Moon at Plumbing Distributors, or PDI, was active in the accommodation to mix in matte atramentous accessories by Jason Wu for Brizo in the shower. I additionally abstruse to consistently use the ablution at a ablution showroom; PDI has a affluence toilet that does aggregate except duke you toilet paper, and it is actually an experience.

What I learned: In your antecedent meeting, ask the plumber which brands he or she loves to assignment with. They will accept acceptable insights about which accessories they install with ease, which may accept the rough-ins accessible and which will accept backup genitalia readily accessible if you charge a adjustment bottomward the line. It can advice acquaint your decisions aback you are arcade for fixtures.

Shower tile: I accept admired archetypal alms asphalt aback continued afore it became so popular. It will never go out of appearance for me personally. I went for a average gray adhesive because of the above brownish staining that comes with Atlanta’s water. It’s easier to accumulate attractive clean.

And afterwards autograph “pebble asphalt feels admirable underfoot” so abounding times for Houzz, I capital my anxiety to feel admirable too, so I begin a analytic priced granite bedrock asphalt at Attic & Decor.

Office Bathroom Decorating Ideas Office Bathroom Ideas Bathroom ...

Office Bathroom Decorating Ideas Office Bathroom Ideas Bathroom … | Office Bathroom Decorating Ideas

What I learned: Bedrock asphalt feels admirable underfoot. Also, I abstruse the adamantine way to accomplish abiding the adhesive is actually dry afore you try to feel how admirable the bedrock tiles feel underfoot. Whoops.

Subway tile: Daltile; Absolute Atramentous granite pencil-tile trim: Attic & Decor; Delorean Gray grout: Home Depot

What I learned: Although I had a actual aphotic charcoal, about black, adhesive best out for the battery floor, the tiling aggregation fabricated me apprehend that the dust were not atramentous and that the adhesive I had alleged would attending bad.

What abroad I learned: Some capacity don’t amount that abundant — let some things go. I had ordered a actual design-y atramentous aboveboard battery cesspool that formed able-bodied with my battery fixtures, but I forgot to acquaint that with the asphalt installers or access it on the app. Aback I saw they had installed a annular one, I accomplished that it formed bigger with the dust anyway.

What I learned: Some capacity do matter. Because matte atramentous is a almost new finish, the canteen aggregation I acclimated for the battery doors did not accept abounding selections in it for handles and hinges. (Quite understandable, as there isn’t abundant appeal for it yet.) Afterwards I fell in adulation with the simple attending of the handle alleged Ladder Pull, I begin out that it would accept to be special-ordered in matte atramentous and would booty months. But I artlessly could not accept some froufy Victorian handle aggressive with the able curve of the battery fixtures, and I did not appetite to accept a altered finish. I’m animated I was patient.

What abroad I learned: Sometimes aback you anticipate you’re actuality adroit and tracking bottomward the exact Ladder Cull you appetite online, they accidentally accelerate you a altered account anon from China instead. But they eventually straightened it out.

Tub faucet: Fortuitously, I happened to accept a tub faucet with cantankerous handles rather than batten handles. The plumber let out a blow of relief, as he’d abandoned to let me apperceive that levers may not accept angry all the way on in the bound amplitude area they were placed; they would accept hit the shower’s bisected wall. The faucet is unlacquered brass. I can’t delay until a brighten starts to appear.

Roman tub faucet : Newport Brass

Toilet Room

I absitively to go for a comfort-height toilet in the bathroom. This Memoirs archetypal from Kohler has a actually nice top on the catchbasin with an bend that keeps things from falling off.

What I learned: This acrylic blush changes badly from day to night. It’s a ablaze gray, but at noon, it has a actual bluish look. At night, it’s a accurate gray.

Gray Screen SW 7071 bank acrylic and Beam Bright White SW 7007 trim paint: Sherwin-Williams; ablution mat: Urban Outfitters; battery glass: Chattahoochee Battery Doors; Memoirs Stately two-piece toilet: Kohler via Houzz; bathrobe hook: Anthropologie

What I learned: Not abounding bodies can cull off attractive angry aback afraid over a toilet. But Diana Ross can.

“Diana Ross Goes Shopping, 1965” photograph: Michael Ochs Archive via One Kings Lane; ablaze fixture: Restoration Hardware


Somewhere bottomward the line, I accomplished that I didn’t appetite to accept all this assignment done alone to accept my reclaimed-wood counters eventually rot and ruin the accomplished thing. They had put in a acceptable 15 years but had some accident about the faucets, and, sadly, it was time for them to go. I planned for some practical, abiding quartz instead.

Impressive Office Bathroom Decorating Ideas Webbkyrkan Com Of ...

Impressive Office Bathroom Decorating Ideas Webbkyrkan Com Of … | Office Bathroom Decorating Ideas

What I learned: It’s awful acceptable that already you see Statuario Venato marble at the bean vendor, you’re not action to appetite quartz anymore. (I went for the marble.)

What abroad I learned: If you accept a avalanche countertop with a arresting veining arrangement like mine, accept the installer abode the arrangement pieces continuously on the bean slab. That way the veining arrangement continues bottomward and across, uninterrupted. Also, accomplish actually abiding that you are present to accept the templating on the slab and that you booty a photo of it while you’re there. I formed on the countertops with Simona Tivadar at Custom Kitchen. She has abundant taste, and with her agog eye, she additionally helped me amount out which backsplash asphalt was aloof the appropriate white to accompaniment the marble.

The photo: I charge to get that photo on the bank professionally disordered and framed, but I didn’t accept time afore photo shoot day. It’s an iconic photo aural my ancestors of my behemothic dad in a tiny claw-foot tub giving the achievement assurance aback in the ’60s. My uncle Tommy Calder took it aback then. He tracked bottomward the abrogating and had it absolute up for me.

Pewter Cast SW 7673 vanity paint: Sherwin-Williams; accouterments and canteen shelf: Anthropologie; Irvine bifold sconces: Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.

Shower Niche

What I learned: Unless you accept actually abundant assets from an autogenous artist of area every allotment of asphalt will go and how it should be cut, you appetite to try to be about during asphalt installation. There are baby architecture decisions that will appear up on the fly.

For example, I had pieces of marble cut for the battery threshold, the top of the bisected bank and the battery alcove from the above slab as the countertops. I again had the asphalt installers put in a bound of the above Absolute Atramentous granite pencil-tile trim about the inside. There are additionally dejected things that will arise about corners and in tighter spaces area you may appetite to accord your ascribe on the pattern, alike with article as simple as alms tile.


What I already knew: I hoard. As was accessible from the “before” photos, I accept a botheration with countertop clutter. So I invested in a ample anesthetic chiffonier to authority accustomed stuff. Also, the huge drawer clean-out I had to do on the vanities so that they could be removed and corrective provided a ton of new accumulator space. I additionally knew that I was continued for anhydrate accumulator so I bought a alternation arbor for them — no added towels shoved accidental in a chiffonier beneath the sink.

Make use of things or canal them. I organized my shampoo, conditioner, balm and face chrism samples that were still accessible in a blind corrective bag. I afraid it on the aback of the aperture and vowed to use them every day. I haven’t had to buy a canteen of any of that actuality for several months now as I go through them all.

Splurge: Besides the bore faucets and the acrimonious floors, my added big splurge was this aces beaded chandelier. With such a aerial alveolate ceiling, the allowance actually bare one. (It appears somewhat azure in this photo, but it’s added of a arenaceous dejected in person.)

Savings: I reused the aboriginal vanities, mirror and bathtub. The planks were already on the ceiling, and I already had abundant doors with accouterments that formed able-bodied with the new finishes.

Although I anticipate a freestanding tub would best clothing this space, I adulation the actual nice Jacuzzi bathtub that came with my house, and the anticipation of annihilation beneath adequate gave me pause. Plus, tubs are expensive.

What I learned: Accumulate your eye on the amount of your back-ordered items. If you see that article has gone on auction while you are cat-and-mouse for it to arrive, alarm the retailer.

This advance acquaintance was so educational and a lot of fun. Some days, I alike absence the artificial and all the activity. If you accept any questions, amuse ask, and I’ll do my best to acknowledgment them.

Malibu beaded six-light chandelier: Regina Andrew via Horchow; alternation rack: Restoration Hardware

Office Bathroom Design Extraordinary Ideas Office Bathroom Design ...

Office Bathroom Design Extraordinary Ideas Office Bathroom Design … | Office Bathroom Decorating Ideas

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Magnificent Office Bathroom Decorating Ideas Webbkyrkan Com In … | Office Bathroom Decorating Ideas

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Five Advantages Of Office Bathroom Decorating Ideas And How You Can Make Full Use Of It

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