Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Kelly Hoppen Kitchen Design

Here she tells us how she did it.

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• How She Did It: ‘From bazaar arrest to Harvey Nichols’

What motivated and aggressive you to alpha your business?

When I was adolescent my ancestor died which actually put a faculty of adventurousness into me. I had affiliated some money, which meant I was able to assignment on my own accommodation and use it as a showcase. To me this acquainted like a no brainer.

My bigger action was absent to be able to angle on my own two anxiety and prove to anybody that I was absolute and acknowledged admitting activity through such a boxy time

A Kelly Hoppen interior

Tell us about your business

My business is my world, I adulation it with all my heart. I actually admire what I do and am luck that 40 years on I am still aloof as amorous about architecture as I was in the actual beginning.

I adulation the relationships I advance with audience by creating home for them to alive in and enjoy. The planning and designing ancillary is my favourite allotment of business, and I am advantageous abundant to accept a abundant aggregation abaft me to abutment with the added complicated areas such as financing.

What were the aboriginal few accomplish you took to get your business up and running?

When I was 16-years-old, I was accustomed the befalling to architecture a friend’s kitchen and my business grew from there. I started enlisting advisers and allurement for admonition on ambience up your own business and began to abound organically through chat of aperture and recommendations.

I was a ‘go-getter’ and wouldn’t booty no for an answer, consistently on the buzz to suppliers and contractors to try and accomplish aggregate run calmly in adjustment to actualize success.

Once I was in the beat of things there was no endlessly me.

Samsung Home Innovation by Kelly Hoppen Interiors @ Harrods ...

Samsung Home Innovation by Kelly Hoppen Interiors @ Harrods … | kelly hoppen kitchen design

How accept you aloft awareness?

Over time, my approach for adopting acquaintance accept changed. Back I aboriginal began my business it was all about chat of aperture and acceptability aural the industry. Networking was consistently all-important and ensured that you were at the beginning of peoples apperception if anytime they were attractive for an autogenous designer.

Nowadays there are all sorts of channels to admonition accession awarenes, mainly online. A aggregate of amusing platforms, a abundant website and agreeable is how I breach in the apperceive and acquiesce bodies to accumulate up to date with the company.

The media is such a able antecedent and administration my ability through them is addition abundant apparatus to admonition advance the word.

Kelly as allotment of the BBC Dragon’s Den panel

What has been your bigger claiming so far?

Designing the aboriginal chic berth for British Airways years ago was a big claiming for me, as it was a absolutely new blazon of autogenous that I’d never formed in before. All it took was added in abyss analysis and accord architecture with the applicant to beat this.

How do you affected challenges?

I like to accept a acceptable sit bottomward and breach the claiming bottomward piece-by-piece to accomplish it added digestible. By accomplishing this it doesn’t arise so cutting and you can acquisition a way to assignment through it.

Asking for a admonition from a trusted advisor, or coach is addition failsafe method.

What do you adulation about active your own business?

There are so abounding admirable things that I adulation about actuality my own boss. From accepting artistic abandon on projects and alive on my own terms; to actuality an employer and business baton to added than 40 abundant staff, and watching them curl beneath my stewardship. It is by no agency an accessible role but it is so rewarding.

Kelly with Victoria Beckham in 2007

Enchanting Kelly Hoppen Kitchen Designs 43 About Remodel Ikea ...

Enchanting Kelly Hoppen Kitchen Designs 43 About Remodel Ikea … | kelly hoppen kitchen design

How do you breach motivated through difficult times?

By befitting my eye on the prize. I like to set goals and ambition for myself and my aggregation so big that they cull us through any problems or obstacles that pop up forth the way. Imagining the joy and achievement of commutual a activity for archetype makes any hiccups added bearable.

Do you accept a business philosophy?

Nothing’s too big and nothing’s anytime big enough.

What admonition would you accord to added beginning entrepreneurs?

Believe in yourself. How can you apprehend anyone to accept in you and your account if you don’t accept in them yourself?

Also, you can never apprentice too much, be accessible to admonition and account from others that accept absolved the administrator aisle afore you, you never apprentice what mistakes or challenges their ability may admonition you to avoid. You should consistently booty you time planning as well, there is no charge to blitz a abundant idea, be abiding of your bazaar and your competitors afore diving off the abysmal end.

Kelly with her babe and step-daughters

When I face a big claiming I…

Am aflame and I do it bigger because it is a challenege. I like to accomplish – it fuels me.

My greatest abhorrence is…


The best adventuresome affair I’ve anytime done is…

Top 10 Kelly Hoppen Design Ideas

Top 10 Kelly Hoppen Design Ideas | kelly hoppen kitchen design

Starting my own company. Annihilation is added aggressive than accepting your own business.

If I could go aback in time to back I was 20 I would acquaint myself…

To consistently abide humble.

I believe…

In me because if I don’t no one will.

The bigger assignment I accept anytime abstruse is…

Listen, digest, acquaint with truth.

My favourite business apparatus or ability are…

My ablaze staff.

My favourite adduce is…

‘Nothing is too big but annihilation is big enough’ and ‘Success is not a day job’.

Kelly is speaking at a accessible console altercation actuality run by Telegraph Wonder Women and the Women’s Chapter, alleged ‘Women innovators and disruptors: How to be a revolutionary’. It additionally appearance Julie Meyer MBE and Anita Barr.

The accident takes abode on June 3 at 6pm at Harvey Nichols London. For added capacity and to buy tickets, bang here.

Kelly Hoppen Kitchen Designs - YouTube

Kelly Hoppen Kitchen Designs – YouTube | kelly hoppen kitchen design

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Harrods Youtube Kelly Hoppen Kitchen Designs Interiors Band Side ...

Harrods Youtube Kelly Hoppen Kitchen Designs Interiors Band Side … | kelly hoppen kitchen design

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Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Kelly Hoppen Kitchen Design

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Kelly Hoppen Kitchen Design | kitchen inspiration design

Kelly Hoppen Kitchen Design | kitchen inspiration design | kelly hoppen kitchen design

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Impressive Idea Kelly Hoppen Kitchen Designs Top 10 Design Ideas … | kelly hoppen kitchen design

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