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On a algid bitter afternoon — of all the acceptable canicule of the year, on Christmas Eve — Mr. Trump sat active with his buzz in the Oval Office. A bawl blast raged, and the admiral could apprehend the Abstruse Service agents stationed alfresco the window, with blooming faces and bleared breath, annoyed about the acclimate and backyard their boots aloft the densely arranged snow. The grandfathering alarm in the bend of the allowance had aloof addled four, but it was already accepting dark. Lost amidst the bouncing snow flurries, the copse on the White House area had become bald phantoms, aphotic smudges amidst a sea of white.

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The aperture of the Oval Appointment was kept open, so that its aborigine ability accumulate an eye on a ample television arrant in the corridor. The snowstorm, it seemed, showed no assurance of abating. He would not be able to accomplish it to Mar a Lago that black afterwards all. “Merry Christmas Mr. President! God absolve you!” aback cried a airy voice. It was the articulation of Kellyanne Conway, who had entered the appointment with such acceleration and action that he was angled off guard.

“Bah!” said Trump, blubbering angrily to himself, and aggravating not to apply on Jake Tapper’s account of Jim Clapper on CNN, “Sad!”

“Come Mr. President,” answered the affable advisor. “No allegation to be so depressed. Nobody will be advantageous abundant absorption to the Mueller Investigation anyhow — it’s Christmas.”

“What abroad can I be,” airtight the billionaire, “when I alive in a apple of idiots and affected news? Amusing Christmas? In this dump rather than in Mar a Lago with Melania? Accept me — that’s not my abstraction of a Amusing Christmas.” Kellyanne Conway, quietened and chastised, anxiously larboard the room, endlessly at the avenue to agilely aperture season’s greetings to an beat attractive John Kelly.

The hours went by, and the wind became added intense, alike as the snow connected to fall. Boring but surely, White House advisers began to book out of the building. With an ill-will, Donald Trump larboard his armchair and fabricated his way adjoin the controlling residence. He took his dejected banquet of steak and ketchup. Accepting hate-watched all the acclimatized cable account shows — as able-bodied as a pre-recorded adventure of Hannity to acclamation himself up — absolved bottomward the aisle into the adept bedroom. The lights were dimmed, with the alveolate anguish abandoned faintly lit by the beam of the frost that had amorphous to amphitheater the windowpanes in attenuate crusts. The aperture was so aphotic that the admiral was affected to grope for the bulge with his hands. It was then, that all of a sudden, afterwards its ability any arresting transformation, he saw not a bulge — but Fred Trump’s face.

His ancestor Fred Trump’s face. It was not draped in black like added altar in the room, but had a afflictive ablaze to it, like a allotment of absurd craven below a neon light. The beard was abnormally stirred, as if by animation or hot air; and admitting the eyes were avant-garde open, they were altogether motionless.  Donald Trump stared, his claret cold, at this apparition, until — all of a abrupt — it was a bulge again. Rubbing his eyes, his affection thudding in his chest, he paused, afore putting his duke aloft the aperture and acclimatized it shut abaft him. “It’s nothing,” he murmured, added up and bottomward the bendable carpet, and alleviation the collar of his shirt. All of a sudden, the aperture flew aloft with a booming sound. The aforementioned face: the actual same! Fred Trump with his three-piece suit, accurate moustache, and cannibal smile. Clanking chains afraid about his middle, and a long, white hood, afraid off his belt like a tail. His anatomy was abnormally transparent, so that Donald Trump, celebratory him, and attractive through his suit, could see a account of Andrew Jackson abaft him. Despite the agitation of the spirit’s entry, no Abstruse Service agents had materialized. If abandoned Keith Schiller were still in his employ, he pondered. He would accept intercepted this awful apparition.

“Who are you?” he blurted out.

“Ask me who I was.”

“Who were you then?” said Donald Trump, adopting his voice.

“In action I was your father, Fred Trump. I abrasion the alternation I artificial in action — forth with the apparel I wore on that acute day aback in 1927 in the Bronx. My spirit never roved above the attenuated banned of banking accretion and absolute estate, alike aback I was sued for bigotry adjoin African-Americans. Now I am accursed to aberrate this plane. No rest, no peace, and no absolution from the affliction of remorse.”

At this, the bogeyman let out a abhorrent moan, afraid and clanking its chain. “All I can do is acquaint you my son — that you accept yet a adventitious to become a acceptable man and a appropriate president. You will be haunted, Donald, by three alcohol of statesmen past. Afterwards their visits — you cannot achievement to escape my fate. Expect the aboriginal tomorrow, at the end of Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

And with that, the bogeyman let out one final, beefing wail, afore abbreviating in a wisp of mist. Beat and afflicted by what he had aloof seen, Donald Trump wondered whether he should chronicle what had occurred to the Abstruse Service. Abandoning the warnings some had acclimatized him about its enemies’ abeyant abracadabra of the 25th Amendment, he absitively adjoin it. Blubbering that it allegation all accept been a aberration brought on by an antithesis of caffeinated sodas, he crawled below his gold-embroidered bedding and fell into a abysmal slumber.

The Aboriginal of the Three Spirits: Seneca

When he awoke, it was so aphotic that, attractive out of bed, he could about apperceive the outline of his bag of golf clubs at the added end of the room. Fumbling about for his account glasses, he took a attending at his phone. To his abundant astonishment, it apprehend 10:00 pm, alike admitting it had been accomplished 2:00 am aback he went to bed. Article allegation accept gone amiss with it. He would accept to ask for a new phone. He switched on the television, and there was Tucker Carlson, afflictive in his Brooks Brothers blazer, accusatory about Hillary’s emails. Absolutely he couldn’t accept slept through an absolute day? The added he mulled this over, the added abashed he was, until aback he remembered what the bogeyman had warned him of. Trembling a little bit in his robe, he bound to lie alive until Tucker Carlson Tonight was over. Afterwards what seemed like an eternity, the affairs drew to a close, and cut to commercials. “It is over!” he proclaimed triumphantly, and “yet nothing!”

Before the words had alike larboard his mouth, an apocalyptic alarm chimed. Ablaze flashed up in the room, and the TV’s LED awning was abounding with static. Lying propped up on a bank of pillows, Donald Trump activate himself face to face with an unearthly visitor. It was a aberrant amount — a plump, balding middle-aged man with a casual affinity to Gary Cohn — yet cutting what appeared to be a Roman toga. The man’s amount fluctuated in its distinctness, and what was ablaze one instant, was aphotic in another. “Are you the spirit, whose appointment I’ve been expecting?” Trump asked, in a clashing voice.

“I am!” The bogeyman batten in a cautiously absolute English, and his articulation had a rather sad, apathetic affection to it.

“Who and what are you?” Trump asked.

“I am the bogeyman of Lucius Annaeus Seneca.”

“Are you some affectionate of Latino? Or a acquaintance of Steve Mnuchin?” Trump inquired, cerebration that the apparition’s apparel resembled article he had apparent guests cutting that summer at one of the treasury secretary’s parties in the Hamptons.

“I was absolutely built-in in Spain,” responded the spirit, “but amidst all your chiffonier associates abandoned one knows me — Secretary of Aegis Mattis.”

“Mad Dog knows you?” Trump answered, somewhat baffled.

“He knows of me, and of one of my afterwards pupils, yes.”

“Why are you here?”

“I am actuality for your apprenticeship as a statesman, and for the abundance of the American people.” The aggregation put out his duke as it spoke, and bound him by the shoulder. “Rise! And airing with me!”

It would accept been in arrogant for Trump to appeal that the acclimate and hour were not acclimatized to banal purposes: that the bed was warm, the temperature below freezing; that he was but agilely clad in a bathrobe, and that he would abundant rather be on Twitter. With a abrupt blow of air, they anesthetized through the walls of the White House and activate themselves continuing aloft a cobbled road, with cypress copse and baroque pillared structures on either side.

Washington DC had absolutely vanished. Not a evidence of it was to be seen. The snow and bawl apprehension had vanished with it, for it was a clear, brilliant day, with a brittle dejected sky. “Damn!” said Trump, clasping his calmly together, as he looked about him. “Where is this place?”

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“We are alfresco the Caesar’s palace,” Seneca responded.

“This abiding doesn’t attending like Vegas to me.”

“Emperor Nero’s Alcazar in Rome, Mr. Trump. Not Vegas.”

They absolved forth the road, chaotic with adrift beggars, groaning livestock, and ox-drawn carts. As they boring artificial a alleyway adjoin the capital access of the palace, a accumulation of angry attractive soldiers began to airing arise them, blubbering in a accent akin German. “Fear not,” said Seneca, “These Praetorians are but caliginosity of the things that accept been. They accept no alertness of us.”

The soldiers anesthetized appropriate through them like a arctic breeze. Trump angry to adore their cautiously able breastplates, afire spears, and long, swishing, amethyst cloaks. “Now that’s a bodyguard! Straight out of axial casting,” he commented approvingly.

The adumbration of a alive smile crept beyond Seneca’s ample face. “Like you, Mr. Admiral I was a abundant adherent of all things aggressive — admitting from far. In my case, it was a alternation of respiratory ailments — rather than cartilage spurs — that prevented me from serving.”

His cheeks agilely flushed, Trump remained bashful at this. Admiring the blooming expanses of the garden that they had aloof entered, it occurred to him that it would accomplish a agitating 18-hole golf advance one day.  After they had beyond a well-tended auto grove, and fabricated their way beyond a blotchy courtyard, Trump began to abound restless. “Where are you demography me?” he asked.

“To the Emperor’s clandestine quarters,” the bogeyman answered. “You will see me and my baby colleague, the Prefect Sextus Burrus, attack to acumen with his administrative majesty.”

Holding the admiral by his hand, the bogeyman drifted up a set of bean accomplish until they accomplished a ample comfortable chamber. In the centermost of the room, abreast a sparkling fountain, three men were bound in acute conversation. One of them, Trump noted, appeared to be a hardly adolescent adaptation of Seneca. Addition was a aged attractive soldier. They were both acclamation a chubby, bad-tempered attractive adolescence with a neckbeard. He was burst on a day bed, acrimonious at a basin of mushrooms broiled in adulate and appeared thoroughly bored. In the bend of the allowance stood a array of afraid attractive disciplinarian strumming abroad at assorted agreeable instruments.

“Caesar,” said the adolescent Seneca in a beefing tone, “We allegation appeal you not to sing about at the amphitheater this evening.”

“Yes,” added the soldier, “such a performance, would abandoned accident the dignitas of the Administrative Office.”

“What are you suggesting?” airtight the Emperor. “That my achievement would not be worthy? That the citizens of Rome won’t applause it?”

“Why, your majesty,” bound interjected the soldier, “we accept no agnosticism you would battling Orpheus himself! Why not, however, comedy in private, to those absolutely able of affectionate the accord of your song and the complication of your poetry?”

The emperor pursed his lips, and flicked a anointed augment at a abject lyre player. “My Augustiani are the best arbiters — and enforcers — of taste. I will play, and the bodies of Rome will applause me for it.” Afore his two admiral could respond, he rose from his bank of cushions and swept out of the room, disciplinarian in tow. Burrus and the adolescent Seneca exchanged a afflicted glance. Burrus agilely swore below his animation afore exiting. The adolescent Seneca sunk assimilate the couch in silence, and despondently best at the actual mushrooms.

“Is he accessible for prime time?” asked Donald Trump.

“What?” queried a puzzled Seneca

“The kid? Is he any acceptable at singing?”

“No,” sighed the ghost, “Not really.”

“And who are the Augustiani?” asked the president.

“You’ll see.”

With that, the bogeyman clapped his hands, and already afresh they activate themselves outside. Night had burst and they were built-in in an alfresco amphitheater below a starry sky. Hundreds of men and women were aggregate about them, attentively watching the stage, which was afire by guttering torches. A alternation of antagonistic notes, accompanied by what could best be declared as a anatomy of antagonistic wailing, drifted beyond the air-conditioned black air.

“This is terrible,” acclaimed Trump.

Seneca artlessly nodded, afore pointing to the abandon of the aisles area a accumulation of awkward attractive men had gathered. “Those are the Augustiani,” he added. The emperor concluded his song, and the admirers stood and access into active applause. Aloof beside them, however, an elderly, adamant faced admirer in a broad-striped anorak chose to abide seated, his calmly on his lap. About immediately, two of the thugs that had been continuing to the ancillary of the aisles affective the old man by the wrist, abject him from his seat, and began to lay into him.

“What are they doing?” cried Trump, about affective to intercede.

“Let it be!” answered his ashen companion, “there is annihilation you can do.” The admiral watched in agitation as the brutes connected their advance on the old man. As the assault rained bottomward on the chief citizen, visions from the contempo accomplished began to beam through Trump’s mind.

All of a sudden, he remembered a attack assemblage in Vegas, aback he had told a baying mob that in the “good old days” protesters would be “carried out on stretchers,” afresh addition time aback he had offered to pay the acknowledged bills of his best agitated supporters. As Nero completed his affecting performance, assimilation in the applause of his Augustiani, Trump was reminded of that accent he had fabricated in avant-garde of the bank of stars at the CIA, in a allowance arranged with cheering, adulatory supporters. A cool of abashment arose aural him. “I wish,” he muttered, wringing his calmly and attractive about him, afore dehydration his eyes with the bend of his bathrobe, “but it’s too backward now.”

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“What is the matter?” asked the spirit.”

“Nothing,” said Trump. “Nothing. I should accept admired to occasionally act added presidential: that is all.”

The bogeyman gave a atoning smile and clapped his calmly already more. They were now in addition arena and place: a comfortable alcazar about in the countryside. The sun was setting, the air agglutinate of ache and rosemary, and — barring the affable song of the cicadas — all was silent. They entered a mild allowance in the bend of which stood a baby board table, ample with bags of parchment. In the centermost of the chamber, sprawled out in a bathub, lay the comatose “real” adaptation of Seneca, claret decrepit from his broken forearms, his duke extensive out to an abandoned chalice.

“As you can see, my attempts to brainwash adolescent Nero were rather unsuccessful. Maybe you will prove a added accommodating student.” He continued, “These two texts are for you. One, De Clementia, is on the attributes of mercy, that noblest of qualities for the able ruler. May you acquisition it in yourself to apprehend it and amend your accommodation to ban Republican critics from confined in your administration. The second, De Ira, is on anger. You allegation apprentice to adept your anger, and anticipate it from your acerbic your soul. Anticipate of yourself as a diver who trains to authority his animation for best and best intervals of time. Every night, afore falling asleep, do not cheep or watch Don Lemon. Instead, booty the time to reflect on your day, on what may accept aggravated you, and appoint in an close examination. Your acrimony will cease, and become added gentle, if it knows that every day it will accept to arise afore the acumen seat.”

And with that, the Roman vanished in an access of light. Dazzled and confused, Trump instantly acquainted a beachcomber of exhaustion. Affected by an alluring drowsiness, he burst assimilate the blood-splattered tiles, and sank into a abundant sleep.

The Additional of the Three Spirits: Benjamin Franklin

Awaking in a start, decrepit in a algid sweat, Trump sat up in his bed. He was aback in the White House. Nervously analytical into the gloom, he accessible his abutting bedfellow from the underworld. Five minutes, ten minutes, a division of an hour went by, and no visitors appeared. Maybe it had all been a dream, he pondered. His abdomen began to rumble, and he anticipation about calling for a Big Mac. It was afresh that he noticed, in a shaft of moonlight, Seneca’s treatises lying in two accurate endless of block on the floor. It had all been absolute afterwards all! At that actual moment of realization, a balmy ablaze began to beam from below the door. Alpha to anticipate that the antecedent and abstruse of this apparitional brilliance ability be in the active allowance of the White House residence, he got up cautiously and confused to the door. The moment his duke was on the doorknob, a airy articulation alleged him by his name, advantageous him to enter.

The residence’s active abode had undergone an amazing metamorphosis. The air was blubbery with tobacco smoke, a blaze was roaring in the hearth, and the coffee table was aggregate with abundant slabs of meat, bleared pies, and ambrosial hunks of cheese. Barrels of ale were ample adjoin a wall, and from some airy branch arose the complete of blissful dabble music, women’s laughter, and wine corks popping.

In accessible accompaniment aloft a couch sat a bespectacled man quaffing a basin of mulled wine. He had connected abounding anointed white hair, and wore a bare amber coat. Contemplating his disheveled demeanor, Trump wondered whether this was one of Stephen Bannon’s accompany from Breitbart.

“Come in!” exclaimed the figure, “Come in and apperceive me better, Mr. President!” Trump avant-garde timidly, and bargain his face afore the spirit. Admitting the visitor’s announcement was best pleasant, he hesitated to attending him in the eye. “I am the bogeyman of Benjamin Franklin,” said the visitor, “and I am actuality to appearance you the virtues of America’s alliances.”

“Ben,” said Trump with nary a pause, “take me wherever. I catholic aftermost night with that Roman fella, and — accept me — I learnt a helluva lot … A helluva lot.”

“Touch my coat!” ordered Franklin, with a blink in his eye. Trump did as he was told, captivation it fast, and closing his eyes.

When he reopened them, they were continuing at the bend of a forest, attractive out assimilate a acropolis belted by a alternation of barricade trenches. They were amidst by clouds of acid smoke and the fetor of gunpowder, and a accumulation of men in decrepit white uniforms and tricorn hats were active adhering bayonets to their rifles.

“Where are we? And what is this?” asked Trump, backward as a blaster brawl whizzed through their apparition forms.

“We are at the alpha of your adventure actuality in Virginia,” answered the spirit, who had donned a fur cap in an accomplishment to area off the autumn chill. “You will attestant the sacrifices of three men who fought for the accord I, and the American republic, fought so adamantine to anatomy and preserve.” Franklin acicular to one of the adolescent soldiers in avant-garde of them, and all of a abrupt — as if in a blitz of algid air — Trump activate himself able to besom the apparent of the man’s thoughts.

A adolescent arms administrator from Grenoble, he was absorption on befitting his duke abiding as he anchored his bayonet, and on mustering his adventuresomeness for the final charge. Aggravating not to anticipate of his ancestors aback home, lest it analysis his resolve, he acclaim bankrupt his breast pocket. In its autogenous it independent the broiled charcoal of an aerial flower, and the bristling charcoal of a letter from his wife. A activated Catholic, she had agitation compassionate why he had beyond the abundant ocean to action alongside a accumulation of English Protestant rebels. Afterwards all, weren’t they allowable by the aforementioned administrator who abandoned a few years ago had murdered French prisoners? He had accounting to her of alternative and of the philosophes’ abutment for the colonists, of the joys of angry alongside a “new Roman” army of citizen-soldiers, and of the alarming amplitude of this new land, but his belletrist had gone changing for about a year now. His assembly had appropriate that he had been gone for so long, it was acceptable she had remarried. Banishing these thoughts from his mind, he alleged out to his men, exhorting them to appearance courage in the attempt adjoin their affiliated foe. As his image, and that of his ambience began to fade, his aftermost thoughts were of how abundant he absent the snow-capped Alps.

“Ben,” said Trump, with an absorption he had never acquainted afore aback it came to foreigners, “tell me if the Frenchman will live.”

“I see a abandoned bench in a abundance home,” replied Franklin, “and a bankrupt white compatible in a chest, anxiously preserved.”

“No, no,” replied Trump, “No Ben, say that the Frenchie will live.”

A contemplative announcement flitted beyond the ghost’s face, and afterwards a abrupt pause, he airtight his fingers, and the air absurd and angled about them.

Both men now activate themselves lying on the wet sand, analytical over an anti-tank allurement at a alembic overlooking the beach. The din of action was deafening, and Trump coiled into a fetal position as apparatus gun blaze scythed bottomward from the adherent promontory. This was all so altered from his admired action movies. Franklin, on the added hand, appeared about nonplussed, munching acquiescently on a leg of lamb. Juices abounding bottomward his button assimilate his billowing waistcoat, he patted the agitation commander-in-chief.

“Come, appear now, Mr. President. We are but visitors here. We accept annihilation to fear. Unlike poor Jack over there,” he added, afore pointing to a jailbait authoritative his way beyond the beach, clasping a burglarize in one hand, and a armament in the other.

Once again, Trump activate himself buried to the adolescent man’s thoughts as the closing inched his way adjoin the bunker. A agriculturist from New Mexico, the boy was far from the antiquated arid and avant-garde accessible skies he alleged home. A annular had abrupt his shoulder, and his compatible was glossy with blood, but the adrenaline kept him going. Gritting his teeth in pain, he staggered on, bent to accomplish it to the end of the beach. Alike afore Pearl Harbor, he had capital to assurance up. Afterwards a adamantine day of assignment on the ranch, FDR’s abode chats on the European war had absolute in him a admiration to action adjoin the armament of tyranny. Arriving below the grim, lumpen accumulation of concrete, Jack ran into a sprint, angled his back, and tossed his grenade.

There was an explosion, a blitz of hot air, and all of a sudden, afterwards a chat of warning, they were no best in Normandy, but continuing in a bouldered valley. It was peaceful, and for a while all Trump could apprehend was the warbling of birds darting about the abundance brush. Afterwards a few minutes, had passed, however, he began to apprehend a abroad cavernous sound. Squinting into the distance, he saw a accompany of cartage disturbing beyond the basin in a alias of dust. As they grew closer, he acclaimed what appeared to be French flags aerial on the abandon of armored cadre carriers.

“Where are we now?” Trump asked. “And what happened to Jack?”

“We are in Afghanistan in 2008. And Jack met the aforementioned fate as the adolescent administrator from Grenoble.” Trump acquainted a beachcomber of sadness, and casting his eyes aloft the adamantine ground. He aloft them speedily, however, aback one of the cartage screeched to a halt. Its windowpanes were shattered, blaze were aerial off its hood, and the disciplinarian was wounded.

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Like with Jack, and the French arms officer, the agent from Queens activate that he knew the soldier’s thoughts and fears. The ancestor of two baby accouchement from the south of France had acquainted such pride afterwards accepting been acclimatized into an aristocratic regiment of paratroopers. He had promised to his fiancée that he would be aback in time to advice adapt their wedding. As RPG and AK-47 blaze connected to bang into the vehicles, Trump angry aback to Franklin, now frantic, “Quick, we accept to do something!” he urged.

Franklin, no best as affable and now harboring a grave expression, befuddled his head. “No. Our adventure is advancing to an end. It is time.” Extensive out, he bound Trump’s duke and they were gone.

They were now in Brussels, at the commencement of NATO’s afire new headquarters. Donald Trump could see himself continuing at a lectern, in avant-garde of the new 9/11 and Article 5 memorial, accusation America’s abutting allies over their aegis expenditure. As the added active of states exchanged afflicted glances, he inwardly cringed at such a awkward and awkward display.

“Please, Mr. Franklin, let me fix this. Let me acknowledge Article 5 as I should accept done.”

“You beggarly you should accept maintained that agreement in the speech, rather than affirmation that NATO associates owe America massive amounts of money from accomplished years, as if our republic was active a barnyard aegis racket?”

Trump’s amateur slouched to apprehend his own words quoted by the phantom. He was affected with abashment and remorse.

“Now, conceivably you will accept the accurate amount of America’s beyond alliances. Those French soldiers, and their European allies, abutting the war in Afghanistan afterwards NATO invoked Article 5 afterward the attacks on 9/11,” added Franklin. “These alliances are added than transactional arrangements. They are ashore in history, and in aggregate claret and sacrifice. And added importantly, they are authentic by accepted values.”

The founding father’s contour began to boring beam with an awesome light. “It is time now, for me to leave — and to get aback to my wenches. Your abutting aggregation will appearance you the accent of continuing up to absolute leaders, and of attention a abiding antithesis of power. Never forget,” he added, his articulation crumbling to a buzz as he attenuated out of existence, “A abundant empire, like a abundant cake, is best calmly below at its edges.”

The Third of the Three Spirits: Richelieu

With Franklin’s disappearance, Donald Trump activate himself continuing abandoned in the blurred White House garden. Gusts of wind beatific the snow billowing in eddies, and the bitter algid of the ice-rimed aisle had already amorphous to bleed through his monogrammed slippers. Clasping his bathrobe about his algidity bulk, he anxiously rearranged his beard and peered into the shadows. A austere attractive amount floated arise him. Draped and hooded in apparel of aphotic crimson, he about glided beyond the area — like a austere winter fog afloat over a abandoned moorland. The spirit slowly, gravely, silently approached. Shrouded in its accounting robes, abandoned a neatly akin bristles was arresting below its hood.

“Did Pope Francis accelerate you?” queried Trump, abandoning his somewhat close interactions with the Holy See during his presidential campaign. “Nobody’s done added for the Christians in this country,” he anxiously added. “I’ve told you we’d be adage Amusing Christmas afresh right?”

The spirit answered not, alone extending a bejeweled duke — although, were it not for the buttery black below its cowl, the absolute acreage magnate could accept affidavit that it had formed its eyes.

The cardinal’s abstruse attendance abounding him with a austere dread, and Trump knew that he was about to be apparent not the caliginosity of things that had happened, but what would appear in the future. Although able-bodied acclimatized to apparitional aggregation by now, Trump feared this dour, bashful appearance so abundant that his legs trembled below him. Usually, he thought, this is aback he would ask his agents to put him in a golf cart.

Instead, as the bogeyman confused away, Trump followed in its wake, which angled him like a allotment of flotsam, and agitated him away, up the beck of time. They did not assume to fly into the clouds; for the clouds rather seemed to actualize about them. But there they were, aerial at a aerial altitude, and overlooking the South China Sea. From his angle point, Trump could see a flurry of action about a alternation of baby islands. Fleets of dredgers were axle on sand, Chinese fighter jets were demography off runways, and all-embracing air cartage was actuality redirected. They attempt through the blast like arrows from a bow and were anon attractive over a close bay, area Vietnamese fishermen were actuality angled up and bedfast on a ample Chinese bank bouncer vessel. Then, in a buzz of air, they were overlooking a devastated, war-torn Korean peninsula. Seoul was aflame, and millions of North Korean refugees were spilling into Northeastern China. The bogeyman paused in his flight to put a close duke over Trump’s eyes, aloof as a blinding beam tore through the clouds. Aback he removed his spidery fingers, it was to acknowledge a behemothic augment billow ascent up over the horizon.

Yet addition abrupt about-face and classy of the ghost’s blood-soaked robes, and they were aerial over a dense, chilly ache backwoods about in Latvia. Attractive down, the admiral could see a cavalcade of Russian-speaking men, in bare uniforms and balaclavas, boring threading their way through the trees. Then, the spirit artlessly acicular one lone, agee feel at him, and Trump activate himself as if angled in the affliction of a whirlwind. Visions of animal adversity below absolute regimes flashed in avant-garde of his eyes like a capricious bump from Dante’s Inferno. Animal rights activists in China, political dissidents in Russia and Belarus, adolescent demonstrators in Egypt — all cried out from their abominable cells, and abhorrent jails — area was America? Area was the activated burghal on the hill, with its celebrated focus on animal rights, and its acclaimed attempt adjoin tyranny?

Plummeting out of the sky, his apperception addled below the abhorrence of what he aloof saw, Trump landed in avant-garde of the Lincoln Memorial. Sinking to his knees, he crawled adjoin the black specter, and afraid its robes. “Hear me, ghost! I am not the man I was! I will be presidential! I’m gonna be so presidential, bodies will be bored. I will ascendancy my anger. I will not accumulate grudges. I won’t accept to nutjobs like Alex Jones or Jeanine Pirro. I will amount our autonomous allies, and advocate American ethics overseas. I will angle up to absolute thugs and assure the rights of baby nations!”

In his abashment and agony, he stared up at the bronze of blue-blooded Lincoln, and prayed to accept his fate and appearance reversed. With a glottal sigh, his third and final visitor, shrunk, collapsed, and dwindled bottomward into a bedpost.

Christmas Morning

Yes! The bedpost was his own! The bed was his own, the allowance was his own. Best and happiest of all, the time afore him was his own, and he could activate to assuredly accomplish amends!

“I will alive in the past, the present, and the future!” Trump again as he eased his anatomy out of bed. “I shall be a acceptable president, and — added chiefly — a appropriate man!”

He was so activated and so aglow with his acceptable intentions, that his articulation bankrupt with emotion, his face wet with tears. He was as ablaze as a feather, as amusing as a boy scout. He would account his country’s constitution, its citizens, institutions, and its allies. He would absolutely apprehend the National Security Strategy — or at atomic genitalia of it — and maybe alike some of the being the fat Italian guy had acclimatized him. Active to the window, he opened it, and put out his head. No snowstorm, no bawl winds: clear, ablaze dejected skies and streams of aureate sunlight! Oh, glorious! And he didn’t alike feel the allegation to golf!

“What’s action on today?” cried Trump, calling out to a gaunt, balding amount clad in 1950s-era clothing.

“Mr. President?” alternate Stephen Miller, abashed at his boss’s acceptable acclamation on this accomplished Christmas morning. “On TV you mean? Able-bodied there is a Christmas appropriate on The View with Rosie O’Donnell if you appetite me to Tivo it for you.”

Rosie O’Donnell. At the acknowledgment of that name, the admiral acquainted his claret burden levels rising. His adenoids flared, his fists clenched, and he began to sniffle about uncontrollably. Rosie O’Donnell. He should accept sued that fat beefy a connected time ago. His fingers twitching, he best up his Android phone. It was then, logging assimilate Twitter, that he accomplished that he would never change. The American people, and the blow of the world, were ashore with him.

Iskander Rehman is a Chief Fellow at the Pell Centermost for All-embracing Relations and Public Policy at Salve Regina University. Prior to abutting the Pell Center, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Brookings Institution. He can be followed on cheep @IskanderRehman

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