Blue Iris Camera Settings

Text and graphic overlays by default, blue iris overlays a timestamp on each camera. How to connect your camera to blue iris michael m.

Fireworks photos taken July 4th, 2013. Camera settings

This app does not support sound.

Blue iris camera settings. Blue iris 5 user manual. I have recently purchased an ip camera from amazon and after setting it up and giving it a new ip, i tried then setting it up in blue iris. Thankfully, there some blue iris cameras out there with excellent video quality and impressive night vision.

You should see a screen like the one to the left. the icon “+” to add the device in the upper right corner when you opened the blue iris, as shown in the figure below. You can now launch blue iris and add the camera to it.

Due to the limitations of blue iris software and specific security camera manufacturers, you may not use every function of your cameras on blue iris in some cases. For quickest support, please first use the email support now button on the options page in the software, then paste this information. This property page allows you to enable blue iris's ptz controls, as well as control for other camera features such as focus, brightness, ir lights, etc.

If you encounter any problems during your experience with the blue iris companion app please contact us and we'll try to sort it out asap. Click at the top/left of the software interface and go to motion/trigger, check all boxes circled in the images below and click ok to save the settings. Submit a request sign in.

The motion sensor is the common way in which a camera is triggered. Set up preset in reolink client. Once you have added your devices to blue iris, you may follow the steps below to set up motion detection and video/image recording in blue iris.

Here's a complete ip camera rtsp url list that you can use with your cctv surveillance software such as blue iris, ispy and many others. If you’re unfamiliar with blue iris (bi): The rtsp url is just a string that is created on the camera.

Check enable to use this key blue iris feature. Choose preset in camera window to call. Blue iris software takes your computer & turns it into a security system for just about anything you want to monitor.

Blue iris is an outstanding video security/capture nvr (network. The list is in alphabetical order. To add the wyze cam to blue iris you need to enable to rtsp protocol on the camera and use a rtsp url for the software configuration.

Within the blue iris admin console, right click anywhere and select “add new camera” from the popup menu. Pick the camera you want to clone and go to its camera properties and on the general tab click export down at the bottom. Make note of where this config file gets exported to.

To download a full user manual for blue iris 5, click on the link provided below. Add reolink cameras to blue iris. Once you have put the camera into “standalone” mode, it will reboot.

Uncheck this option and set your camera native settings to overlay date, time, and name as desired. Blue iris ip camera compatibility: Thanks ray for the reply, the “blue iris profile trigger” app is the only blue iris related smart app that i can find anywhere in the smart things forums but it appears that it only is capable of changing the current profile.

The video from blue iris that was recorded final thoughts. So you'll need to check the detailed blue iris camera compatibility of the security camera brand. Click the plus sign at the top of the main window to add a new camera.

Assuming you have the camera embedding its own timestamp, you can save a small amount of cpu time by disabling blue iris's timestamp. If you discover a bug or have a question about the software you may email To download a full user manual for blue iris 5, click on the link provided below.

This option is on the video tab of camera properties. You will need your rtsp url and port number. When i clicked the add new camera button, i typed in the ip and change the username and password and still will not get a signal.

This allows you to record only when there is action in front of a camera, saving large amounts of hard disk space that might otherwise be wasted recording the same images over and over again. Choose video tab in camera properties, then click configure. Full name can be anything to select “ network ip ” by default and then click “ ok ” to save the settings, as shown in the figure below.

Then click ok to close this window. Click find/inspect and blue iris will load the preset in reolink client automatically;. ==> to learn more this topic and have your amera ready to work with blue iris, read the article:

To my knowledge this is the only device type handler for blue iris. 5 best blue iris cameras review 2020 View your house while you’re away, office, pets or any valuables all with blue iris.

Of course blue iris will always strive to stay ahead of the crowd with support for the latest camera technologies and smartphone client app updates. Make sure you go into each camera's properties and in the webcast tab reduce the jpeg quality and scale until the jpeg size is around 50kb in order to have a smooth playback. You can monitor on a computer, remotely, or simply be notified anytime anything goes on.all it takes is a built in webcam or any usb or even internet based camera to setup.

Blue iris (full install) blue iris 3.66.00 (full install) Follow was this article helpful? In this case, it is

There are plenty of other things you can set up with aitool that are super helpful. It will pop up a dialog box and prompts you to add a device. Our ‘newuser’ user is setup;

0 out of 0 found this helpful. Ip camera rtsp url list (for blue iris and other software) march 23, 2019 software no comments. Blue iris 5 user manual michael m.

How to enable the rtsp protocol on wyze cam. I use the telegram integration to send me the snapshots from my front door camera when a person is there, or anytime there’s motion in my back yard. This option is found in blue iris settings on the other tab.

Head to the appstore on you iphone and do a search for blue iris. From here we can click ok on each of the settings dialog boxes until we are fully back to the main blue iris camera view. Just look for the model you have and use the rtsp url according to your.

A dialogue box will appear.

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