4 Easy Egg Recipes You Must Try It

Do you like to surprise the little ones with fun recipes? Today we bring you 5 recipes with eggs, very original! This classic and so important food in the children’s diet can become a very attractive dish that children will eat with much more desire, simply presenting it in a special way.

With these children’s recipes you can prepare luxury meals or dinners in a few minutes and with few ingredients. Accompanying them with a delicious salad, you already have the menu solved! Do you want to know how to prepare these recipes with egg?

  1. Egg Avocado Recipe

    egg avocado recipe
    If you like to try different flavors, this baked avocado with egg will delight you. It is also very easy to do, we just need to remove the core from the avocado, making room for the egg, which we will put inside taking care not to break the yolk. A little salt and pepper on top, if you fancy some grated cheese, and baked until the egg is cooked.

    Egg Peppers Recipe

    Egg Peppers Recipe
    Even the most classic recipe can become an original and fun dish with little variations. These fried eggs in peppers that we showed you a while ago are a good example, delicious and colorful! The pepper slices will serve as a ‘container’ for the eggs, giving them a special shape.

    Egg Bacon Recipe

    Egg Bacon Recipe
    Surely the kids will love these eggs with bacon shaped muffin. To make them, we must oil a cupcake mold, line the edges with a slice of bacon previously fried (without browning), then put a circle of sliced ​​bread inside the mold, pressing against the edges to take the shape, and to finish a little cheese and an egg, being careful not to break the yolk. We take it to the hot oven until the egg cooks, and voila! If you prefer, you can replace the bacon with ham, to reduce the fat content.

    Grilled Egg Recipe

    grilled egg recipe
    A simple grilled egg changes completely if we prepare it giving it a special shape. Specific ways to cook eggs like the one in the image are sold in stores, but we can also do it with the metal pasta cutters, being careful not to burn ourselves, since they will get very hot on the fire.

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Bertha Natasha

Written by Bertha Natasha

My name is Bertha Natasha, also known as Bertha, and I am USA, although I currently live in Seattle, WA. Many of my recipes are inspired by healthy food, by my mom's American-Mexican cuisine, who grew up in New Mexico, and also by my granny's kitchen in Texas.


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