Phantom Flex Slow Motion Camera Cost

The phantom v2640 is the fastest 4 mpx camera available. Slow motion is a very useful technique commonly used these days.

Smoke on black background, Ultra Slow Motion Stock Footage

Vision research's phantom v1210 and v1610 do slow motion in style (video) phantom camera captures flamethrower vs.

Phantom flex slow motion camera cost. If you have any questions or require additional information, please visit each camera product page, use our camera comparison page, or complete our contact us form. The bluetooth dongle that was designed for the rcu also works with the handheld pcu from abelcine, which is also compatible with most modern phantom cameras. Wikipedia‘s high speed cameras page needs an update because as of late many consumer friendly, slow mo cameras have hit the market.

1280 x 720 (16 x 9) 2932 fps. Phantom flex 4k 128gb with pl mount and ef mount. If you had to choose one camera in all of the world for your slow motion shoot, without question, it should be the phantom flex4k.because of the flex4k’s reputation as the industry’s best 4k high speed camera and our love for slowmo, we couldn’t resist adding it to our arsenal.

The slow mo guys is a science and technology entertainment web series from thame, england, united kingdom created by gavin free, starring himself and daniel has been described as the biggest channel for slow motion videos on youtube. Detail further than they have been before. It’s rumored that there are only a handful of these cameras.

It is top of the line and pushes the boundaries of speed vs. The original phantom flex (aka flex 2k), has a 2.5k sensor and the flex4k has a full 4k sensor. Phantom hd 2k v642 high speed camera us $41,050.00:

I don't quite understand what you mean by a regular slow motion camera. 1920 x 1080 ( 16 x 9 ) 1977 fps. Vision research phantom miro lc320s high speed slow motion hd camera 1080p us $39,000.00:

3840 x 2160 (uhd) 1000 fps. The material created with it gets better and better and while there is still a small backlog of camera orders due to covid 19 disrupting part supply channels, most orders are now just a few weeks behind. Phantom hd gold high speed digital slow motion cinema camera 1000 fps current bid $15,000.00

Premium phantom image performance and frame rates are now in a new and compact form factor. 4096 x 2160 ( 4k std ) 1000 fps. These 4k and hd cameras rival the frame rate and resolution once only seen on tv.

Here is a summary of our current line of award winning slow motion cameras. The v1840 has a 4 mpx imaging sensor that records at speeds not found in comparable sensors and a bright. The flex can read over 5 billion pixels (over 6 gigabytes of data) per second.

The phantom flex4k is a true powerhouse of digital 4k production with exceptional frame rate and flexibility for various shooting styles. The range is so wide because it depends on the lens you get with it. Vision research offers the phantom v2640 in both color and monochrome versions.

The most obvious difference is the pixel resolution: 4096 x 2304 (max res) 938 fps. The phantom flex price ranges from about $50,000 to about $150,000.

Workflow options for customized application needs include the cinemag v (ideal for outdoor and range environments), and 10gb. Click the model of camera and read my article for each of the best hfr slow motion cameras of 2016. The chronos 2.1 hd slow motion camera which is the larger sensor and resolution version of the chronos 1.4c is now being used in a lot of production situations.

There are many other differences, which we have tried to capture here: The monochrome version has a higher iso of. Phantom flex hd high speed camera us $49,000.00 or best offer:

In fact, it is used so often that it’s becoming hard to keep one’s attention for more than just a few seconds. Each product page discusses a phantom camera's construction, capabilities, and features. These mount to the top of the camera.

Capable of 1000fps in 4k 12 bit raw, there is no longer a sacrifice in frame rate or quality when shooting slow. Slow motion videos in our gallery are rotated on a weekly basis and randomly chosen for inclusion into the. The camera offers a dynamic range of 64db — that’s over ten stops.

High speed camera ebay finds:

Smoke in slow motion; shot on Phantom Flex 4K at 1000 fps

Raspberries splashing in slow motion; shot on Phantom Flex

Pecan nuts flying in slow motion, shot on Phantom Flex 4K

A Mesmerizing Music Video, Shot in a Single Take at

The film crew testing out the new Phantom Flex Camera

SuperSlowMotion Video of the HighSpeed Inner Workings

Colorful powder/particles fly after being exploded. Slow

Burning logs in fire pit outside at night time. Slow

Military men falling after explosion, slow motion Stock

Colorful powder/particles fly after being exploded. Slow

Camera follows spices flying after exploded. Slow Motion

Ink in Water HD Purple Ink In Water, Slow Motion Stock

Pills spilling out of bottle in slow motion; shot on

Slow motion weapon Phantom Flex camera shoots full HD at

Smoke clouds, Slow Motion Stock Footage AD ,Slowclouds

Smoke on black background in slow motion; shot on Phantom

Colorful powder/particles fly after being exploded. Slow

Colorful particles fly after exploded. Slow Motion

Photron BC2 1080HD 2000fps HighSpeed Camera System