Phone Without Camera Bump

It's time to lose your cover for good. Even after implementing a dual camera setup on their phone they somehow managed to keep it adequately designed without showing a camera.

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Few companies like huawei have not fallen prey to this.

Phone without camera bump. That wraps around the edges of the phone, and one of huawei. All of this means that the 5g galaxy s21 and 5g galaxy s20 are almost the exact same size. Here's how it's grown to improve iphone photography over the last 10 years.

And while the iphone xs has a noticeable but still somewhat discreet camera bump, with the iphone 11, apple is making a big sacrifice in the looks department to emphasize the new and improved camera capabilities. The market for phone cases is huge. Every review i find of any phone spends, like, a third of the review on the camera.

The iphone x's huge camera bump is something you'll just have to live with. Actually making an iphone 11 without a camera bump would require significantly downgrading the photography capabilities. Most obviously, there would be no room for optical image stabilization.

There’s simply not enough room inside the iphone 11 to pack in all those camera components without a bump, so apple would have to make the phone uncomfortably thick to pull it off. Dummy models of all three iphone 11 handsets suggest nothing much is changing apart from the new camera bump, which is certain to divide opinion. Looking for a new phone.

Sleek and thin phone designs are well and good. It has four image sensors rotating 90 degrees to cover the large angle pointing outside the phone. The oneplus 6 looks nice, but it, like every other i found, has that stupid camera bump?

I only want to ask if there is any i mean any hack or trick to protect that from touching my pocket cloth or ground, like any ring around camera bump or. You'll have to remove everything from the phone and replace the entire frame/housing. Can't be a spy without a boat.

It's a little thick, but still a hot device. Will the camera lens eventually get scratch, scuffs, not crystal clear anymore due to friction with the table surface? Most notably, it doesn't have a camera bump.

Тhe new iphone will have the most prominent camera bump of all and by a large margin. That is, again, if the leaks are true. It may sound stupid but i wanna use my phone without any back covers etc.

Of course, it remains to be seen if the protruding camera bump will actually cause issues over the long term. Phone news this smartphone concept has a quad camera setup without a camera bump. Are people who don't care about the camera really a minority?

It lies completely flat, which reduces any scratch risk for the camera's lens. That means little to no. The design of the camera bump appears to wrap around the sides of the phone.

As is the case with the dual camera setup for the newly launched iphone 7 plus the camera bump has shown its face even on the most premium of smartphones. In order to separate the camera bump during the teardown, we had to pop a bunch of welds free and it mangled the metal housing pretty good in the process. What's not so sexy is the long camera bump on the back — the straight edge is sharper than it looks in photos.

I don't think there's any practical way to replace/repair the back glass. Oppo figured out how to shove 5x lossless zoom into a phone without the camera bump. The iphone 12 pro max isn’t the best smartphone, but it is arguably the best camera includes a 12mp f/1.6 main snapper, a 12mp f/2.2 telephoto one (with 2.5x optical zoom), a 12mp f/2.4.

There’s simply not enough room inside the iphone 11 to pack in all those camera components without a bump, so apple would have to make the phone uncomfortably thick to pull it off. The phone is made of titanium (which, apparently, is stronger than the aluminum in the pixel and iphone) and ceramic. I usually put my phone in pocket or on surface with camera touching the ground !!

But here lies a problem→ the camera bump!! However, in this case, it’s adding a cause for concern customers paying $1299 could do without. The oneplus 7 pro is a gorgeous phone.

Even though i own the x myself, i was like wow, that’s a gorgeous phone when you see it in someone else’s hands. But from that distance (1 meter), any apple product just look beautiful without realizing or knowing what kind of problems (like micro scratches) people are witnessing with their devices. Iphone 11 is all about that square camera bump.

2017/02/28 9:28am pst feb 28, 2017. The lens is an important part of the camera and unless physics can be fooled, we all have to shut up and live with it. If you really hate the new camera bump on apple’s upcoming iphone 11 series phones, you’ve likely wondered what the phone would look like without it.

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