About Us

Launched in 2014, “Only HD Wallpapers” is an online community-based website and publishing platform with a mission to provide photos and imagery to everyone in the world. Only HD Wallpapers was started by one web developer and photo lover. It was born from the pain discovering beautiful, high quality and copyright-free wallpapers for desktop computers. And we were not alone. During the period of 9 years, Only HD Wallpapers had almost 2 billion visitors and over 1 million free-resolution images empowering to create presentations, blog post, artwork and more.

Is it free?

As a pioneer we built a generous community of creators and photographers who are constantly uploading and sharing high-resolution free photos. That community includes creatives from around the world, like Tommaso in Italy and Carlo in Puerto Rico, who contribute to Only HD Wallpapers to share their work with everyone. So all our photos are free to use.

Our community is growing

We are especially looking for new members to join our community who are new in photography and want to become a source for creativity to others. We are the platform where individuals become a community and where everyone can contribute. You do not need to get invitation or know agent to participate. Feel free to create an account and start your journey today.

Pictures for just about anything

Back in a days, Only HD Wallpapers was built to give access to find and download beautiful and high-quality pictures for personal home desktop computers. We still offering huge amount of different resolution wallpapers for personal use. However, we can offer much more. Nowadays, we give designers, bloggers, web developers, marketing specialists, influencers access to free stock photography. We know that find the perfect image can be nightmare for any creative project and we offer high variety of different sizes, quality, themes, categories.